Hamilton Eateries

After hours of walking around the beautiful island of Bermuda, Hamilton is a great place for tourists and the capital of Bermuda. Other than being in the center of town and being surrounded by the cute little shops and monuments, you need a cute place to eat and take a break. Whether you’re in the mood for fancy restaurants or a quick little bistro, Hamilton is home to many fancy and plenty of cafes.


If your in the mood for a higher class restaurant serving the yummy Italian cuisine, check out Little Venice. You have the option to sit outside on a cute little terrance or inside the beautiful restaurant. Also, if you want service that treats you like you’re family, this is the place to go!

Jumping off the Ferry terminal? Need a quick refresher with coffee and a pastry? Dangelini’s Cafe & Bakery is the place for you! Super quick service and shares a spot right next to the Bermuda Information Center, perfect to begin your day trip!


For the GlutenFree and/or Vegetarian lovers, check out the Fourways Inn! Check the dress code online, but be aware that not all people follow the dress code. It’s better to go along with the code rather than looking unpolished!

Don’t know what to bring to Bermuda? Check out what to bring and what to do!


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