Sugarfish Sushi

On the west coast the bets type of food to eat in my opinion is sushi! The west coast is known to have the freshest fish which obviously calls for the best sushi.
My favorite sushi joint to eat at while in California is a restaurant called Sugarfish! Sugarfish is a well known sushi chain in California with many locations ranging from Marina Del Rey to locations in Los Angeles and Santa Monica as well.
The process of ordering at sugar fish is really interesting and makes for a cool dining experience. When arriving, you sit down and are given a select menu. The way you can order is a choice of three different versions of the meals. Trust Me Lite, is the menu option that is the cheapest and offers the least amount of food, Trust Me, is more food and a small increase in price, and the last option is Trust Me Nozowa, this includes the most sushi and prices around $51 during dinner time and around $35 for the lunch courses.
The range of fish offered within the meals goes from the basics such as salmon and two types of tuna, to some interesting options such as bay scallops and striped sea bass.
The meals here are to die for and if you are a sushi fan like me you need to hit up Sugarfish while you’re in town! If you want to know what to pack or what to do, check out my previous posts!

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