Santa Monica Pier


In California, there are plenty of places to visit during your vacation! When traveling to California in the past, I have stayed in the Los Angeles and Santa Monica area. My favorite place to visit however is the Santa Monica Pier.

I know you’re thinking about what could be so special about a pier? Well I’ll tell you, this isn’t just any other ordinary pier. The Santa Monica Pier puts any other pier or boardwalk you’ve ever visited to shame!

At the Santa Monica Pier, you can ride every carnival ride that you possibly can imagine! When getting to the pier you’ll have to purchase a pack of tickets for about $20 and then the rest is up to you. The Ferris Wheel is located in the middle of the Pier and lights up a different array of colors once the sun sets on the Pier. My favorite ride to go on when visiting the pier is the Mouse Trap. Since the Pier is over an ocean when the ride takes the sharp turns it feels like you’re going to fall off into the water!

Alright that sounds scary, but I promise it’s fun.

Another thing you can use your ride tickets for is to play the fun games that are located on the pier. Games such as wack-a-mole and ski ball crowd up and down the pier for people to play. Winning a big stuffed animal is the goal for many of the people participating in these games.

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