The Happiest Place on Earth

maxresdefault.jpgWhen in Disney World, there are so many things a person could do, regardless of age. You should definitely at least visit the four main parks: Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Epcot. To thoroughly go through each park and get through all the fun activities they offer you should spend about a day in each park.

The most iconic park is Magic Kingdom. This park is most known by everyone since this park has the Disney castle. You can get your picture taken in front of the castle, watch the fireworks at night, and the parade that goes through the center of the park. Within this park there are a lot of stores for shopping that you can checkout. You can get a lot of souvenirs and little generic Disney trinkets, big collectable items are the Disney pins. There are a few different rides and games but the park is mostly for shopping and music entertainment.

The Animal Kingdom is a huge park with lots of activities. When there, you should try to make it through the two countries Africa and Asia. In Africa, there is a safari ride where you can ride around to see African animals as well as walk on an exploration trail and see animals. While in Asia, there is a fun roller coaster called Expedition Everest as well as Kali River Rapids, which is a water ride that will definitely get you wet! There are many other things to do in Animal Kingdom, though I recommend these as something you should do.

maxresdefault (1).jpgHollywood Studios is more of a park that has a lot of shows or presentations that you can watch. I recommend Star Tours, where you go through an interactive movie. There is also The Great Movie Ride where they take you on a ride through all the old popular movies. Then there is Fantasmic, which is a light show at night with music. These are all a few of the many activities you can take part in at Hollywood Studios.

Epcot is the park that is mostly for people that are older. This park has different eleven different countries that are fitted into a circle around the park. My favorites include France, Germany, Italy, and Japan. In the different countries, you can talk to people from the countries as well as learn their culture. Each country has a special show whether it be Britian’s concert or France’s balancing act, or Japan’s drum show. At night, they have a light show with music from around the different countries.

Overall there is a lot to do in Disney World, these are only a few of my favorite things to do. If you want to know what you should bring, check out my last post! Or look at Be Our Guest for places to eat!


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