The Land of Pink Sand


During you’re stay at Bermuda, one of the most beautiful places to see is the “Pink Sands” beach, or also known as Horseshoe Bay.

This picture above was taken from the high rocks that is a hit when not lounging by the water, or soaking up in the sun! It takes about 5 minutes to crawl up and I don’t recommend if you’re not a height person!

The sand is the main focus that all tourists want to see when they get the chance to come here. It is a very light color and is super fine, which is what makes it seem like such a dream (and it is!), although some may say it resembles a pinkish tone on some days, the sand is such a beautiful texture and a relaxing feel on the feet!

On the beach, beside the water and rock tower, the right side of the rocks has a small section where some people like to snorkel and see things close up. The experience is unreal and I totally recommend snorkeling no matter where you go!

Hungry? Thirsty? Need to catch a break from the sun? Don’t worry, the best part is the food and refreshment bar! It’s a cute set up they have: a small tiki hut serving the essentials, drinks, hot dogs, and the BEST cocktails!

If you’re looking for an excursion on your vacation this is the more relaxing and calming spot to be!

Don’t forget your hat and sunblock! Check out the previous post on what to bring and where to eat!


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