Packing for Paris

Paris is much like New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. – temperature wise. The cities have all four seasons and similar weather patterns. Just like how it is difficult to choose an outfit in between seasons in those cities the same relates to this city. The main thing to look at before traveling to this lovely city, is the weather. However, no matter the weather pattern or the season you will need the basics.

In Paris, put together basics makes you look chic. The essential basics you will need to pack are:

  • Jeans (no rips) black or dark blue
  • Plain t-shirts (either white or black), stripes are acceptable (navy and white only)
  • Leather jacket
  • Jean jacket
  • Stylish long coat (depending on weather)
  • An umbrella
  • Casual sneakers (Adidas Sam Smiths, Converse, etc.)
  • Ballet flats or slip on shoes
  • Jewelry should be minimal like studs, thin bracelet or necklace
  • Light color or neutral nail polish
  • Minimal makeup or natural colors (skincare is more popular there)
  • No name or French designer bag
  • Black or neutral sunglasses
  • A simple black dress
  • For summer, you can bring shorts, but they are not too popular
  • Don’t forget to add your other basic going away essentials!

Here is just an example of what Parisians will be wearing on the daily there. Also, I highly encourage to stay away from trends! That’s a total American thing.


Don’t forget to check out what to see and where to eat!


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