Parisian Treats


The best part about trips, in most people’s opinion, is the food. Paris is known for their food whether it’s a sandwich, pastries or a sit down meal. I’ve been to many restaurants and cafes in Paris and will never remember all the names, my favorite being Ladurée.

Ladurée has the BEST macaroons you will ever eat. Certain locations also have sit down menus to eat things other than desserts. Keep in mind that if you are starving and do not want to spend a lot of money, go somewhere else. Otherwise, it is a very excellent meal. If you decide not to eat a meal, you should still treat yourself for dessert. To me, pastries are what Paris is known for, I could live off of the desserts in this city. My ultimate favorites are crème brûlée, macaroons, and crêpes. You can get these at places other than Paris, but this city is known for them and you will never experience another one better.

The “Cafe Society” is not just a saying, but a real thing. Personally, after going, reading, and watching movies featuring Paris, I feel like this is something you need to do to feel like a real Parisian. In Paris, there are cafés on every block and you can’t go wrong with them. Cafés are especially good for picky eaters and children since they have basic items and are all just as delicious as the next.

Need to know what to pack or things to see? Check out my last two posts, Packing for Paris and The City of Lights!


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