California Cases


California is a warm and sunny place filled with palm trees, great shops and super relaxed and friendly locals. When planning to go to California we usually are thinking of the fun and exciting things that we are going to experience. Rodeo Drive, Hollywood Boulevard and the Santa Monica Pier are three exciting memories that instantly rush into my head as my favorite hotspots in California. Hold the phone though, before diving into where we’re going and what we’re gonna do, we have to focus on the most dreaded part of vacations…. PACKING! Packing is a pain for everyone. What do I bring? What will the weather be like? Do I need a fancy outfit for a nice dinner? The questions are endless when it comes to packing.

Have no fear, this right here is you’re ultimate packing guide for traveling to Los Angles, California!

When going to California, everybody always thinks it is scorching hot at all times of the year there. However… California tends to get chilly sometimes. I know, shocking, but it is true!

Here is the ultimate list for what to pack:

Lets start from the bottom up..

  • When traveling to California, especially the Los Angles area, you’ll be doing lots of walking and site seeing. Bring a good pair of sports or athletic sneakers to walk around in.
  • Flip-flops and sandals are ideal as well for this trip when heading to the beach for the day.
  • For women I would bring a nice pair of wedges or heel because most of the night life in Los Angles is on the fancier side.
  • For men I would bring a pair of dress shoes for fancy restaurant reservations.

For pants..

  • Shorts are always ideal when going to a warm place. Bringing a variation of shorts is always convenient to appeal to whatever situation you are in.
  • Jeans are ideal for night time occasions when vacationing in California. Although the days are hot, hot, hot, the nights get very chilly and breezy at this destination.
  • Like I mentioned before, the night life is very upscale in Los Angles so a long maxi skirts and a pair of slacks would be a good addition to this category for fancier occasions.

From toes to TOPS…

This is where the over packing and franticness starts so we’re really going to break this category down.

  • Tank tops are a good edition as a cover up for the beach or if you get a really sunny day and you and you’re family or friends go sight seeing. I’d highly advise tank tops.
  • T shirts are always a must pack as well. Since there are many types of t-shirts I would pack a few casual ones that you could either dress up or down depending on then occasion you are dressing for while on vacation.
  • Like I mentioned before, Los Angeles gets chilly at night times so I would pack some sort of light sweater or jacket.
  • In addition to this a sweatshirt would be a great just incase of rain!

Also, don’t forget….

  • Bathing suites! When vacationing in California you must bring a bathing suit to be able to visit and enjoy all the wonderful beaches there!

So now that you’re all packed, I bet you feel a lot better. I know I do once I finish! Traveling to California is a great experience and now you are packed the right way! Now lets get this vacation on a roll. Check out my recommendations for where to visit and where to eat!


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