Bermuda Baggage


Last year I had the opportunity to explore the wonderful island of Bermuda! Whether you’re going for a short weekend or a long vacation, Bermuda is blessed with the beautiful beaches and historic town. Although, every time I go on a vacation I seem to forget at least one thing even if it’s just a phone charger! When I was getting ready for this vacation I made a simple little checklist so I wouldn’t forget the important things, and it worked!

Next time you’re planning a vacation at Bermuda or even just a beautiful island in general, check back with this list, you won’t regret it!


  • Sunnies! – The main item you definitely don’t want to forget when going on a vacation, even in the cold! Usually I pack two because you never know what could happen, especially in the ocean.
  • Bathing Suits – A one piece and a bikini are a must, you never know how you’re going to feel once you get there so it’s best to bring both!
  • Cover-Up – For those quick little runs between the beach and grabbing a quick bite.
  • Sunscreen and Aloe – No explanation needed!
  • Flip-Flops and Sandals – Gotta have the best of both worlds! The sandals are good for an everyday outing or even an extra pair that are a little more on the fancy side, never know where you might end up.
  • Maxi (dress or skirt) – Cute and casual, but easy to dress up for a night out.
  • T-shirt and Running Shorts – In case you have that desire to run, or just simply work out. It’s even good just to wear when running out super quick!
  • Pajamas – Have to look cute and comfy when snoozing!
  • Toiletries – Some prefer this, but the hotel or resort will probably accommodate you with as many as you need. Although, it’s always best to have you’re own stuff you’re comfortable with.
  • Sneakers – Good to have a pair of walking shoes or something comfy when taking a day trip.
  • A good read – I find that my favorite part of the vacation is my down time. I like to read during the time of my relaxation and a good book is always a must for me!
  • Casual Tees and Shorts – I mean, duh 😛
  • Camera – To capture those moments!
  • Earphones and Chargers – The worst things to forget!

Hope this helps and you have the trip of a lifetime! Don’t forget to check out places to go and where to eat!


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