LBI Luggage


Long Beach Island is a long island, off the coast of New Jersey. There is a single bridge that crosses the water so be prepared for some traffic. As I have lived in the area since I was little, I’ve learned the ins and outs of the island area, finding the best spots and the quickest route. I’m going to share it all with you.

First, you’ll need a bathing suit, of course. By the time June rolls around, the sand is burning and the water is at a luke warm. Bring a blanket and towels for the hot sand, and lots of sun block because there is nowhere to hide from the sun. You can bring snacks and drinks to the beach, but watch out for seagulls, they can get nasty and will pluck food out of your bag. Keep all your things closed and safe when you aren’t near your blanket. Do NOT bring your dog to the beach, the island itself is dog friendly, but not the beaches.

To get onto the beach, you need to purchase a beach badge for the day, which is usually at $5 a person depending on the day. Thankfully, you have me to tell you that it’s not exactly necessary. The beach badge checkers are only on certain beaches so you can sometimes walk on and set up your stuff, they won’t notice. A good time to come is during their lunch hour, twelve to one pm, or you can wait a few extra hours and come after four when they are all gone. I’ve lived through ten years of summer on LBI and never once paid for a beach badge.

When not on the beach, most people bring cover ups or shorts when walking around the island. I recommend at least flip flops and a tank top because a few restaurants don’t serve people without shirts and shoes (most will, it’s an island for Christ’s sake).

Speaking of restaurants, if you think you will be getting ice cream or ice, make sure to bring a couple dollars in cash as the ice cream trucks that come around the beaches will not have card swipers. You know they are there when you hear a loud cow bell coming from the dunes, it means ice cream, run!

Even if you are not an athlete, I recommend a sport because it can be a lot of fun! Soccer balls, Frisbee, paddle ball, lacrosse sticks, a volleyball, etc. Anything that can be done as a group is always more fun on sand. It’s a great workout and it gets you nice and hot so that the ocean water is very refreshing!

That’s a basic some up of what to bring with you to Long Beach Island in the summer, make sure you enjoy it! Check out places to go and where to eat!


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